185 PC 350 12V 6 Column Pro Trap (Ref: SD-1)

185 PC 350 12V 6 Column Pro Trap (Ref: SD-1)


The LAPORTE 185 PC 350 PRO Trap.

More proficient, more accessible, and more attractive than ever! The 185 PC 350 enhances your sporting ground with a new perspective.

Designed for all situations and the most extreme conditions, 185 PC 350 is lighter than the PC range, barely 47kg, which allows you to transport it easily. Its tilting base provides a multitude of shots with horizontal adjustment (30 degrees to the right, and 30 degrees to left) and vertical (maximum height of 70 degrees) positions.

For a more complete machine, LAPORTE have integrated a setting for down hill shots on a range of 25 degrees. Fitted with a single tool, you can achieve all settings (firing angles, spring setting, magazine assembly) in record time and with ease.

Supplied with 50 metre water resistant release cable. The machine features double knife clay separators and bronze gears and has a capacity of 350 clays .

Warranty3 years (consumables exempt).

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